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Joanne Akin

My name is Joanne Akin and, I have struggled my whole life with weight issues. I have tried everything including a gastric bypass surgery. It was so frustrating not to find the results I was looking for after such great effort and expense. I have finally discovered a plan that is working and, I am thrilled! I am now offering this exciting discovery to others with the same struggles I have faced.

I have included information regarding the hCG protocol, what you will need to get started and more. If you would like more information or need to discuss your options before getting started, you can contact me at joanne@questforhealthsolutions.com.

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What is hCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that is produced naturally during pregnancy. In the 1950s a British endocrinologist named A.T.W. Simeons studied the effects of hCG on the body, discovering that it seemed to promote the burning of non-essential fat when administered to an individual on a low-calorie diet.

What is hCG’s role in weight loss?

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There are three types of fat in the body:

  • structural fat, which cushions the organs
  • essential fat, which acts as the body’s fuel reserve
  • nonessential fat, which accumulates around the hips, thighs, waist and stomach

Normally, when an individual is on a very low-calorie diet the body gets the additional energy it requires by metabolizing lean tissue (muscle) and structural and essential fat first, leaving the non-essential fat deposits. Dr. Simeons noticed that hCG reversed the order, encouraging the body to release its non-essential fat reserves.

How does the diet work?

hCG Professional Formula is a homeopathic hCG with supportive ingredients. It is administered in the form of liquid drops under the tongue, in conjunction with a low-calorie diet. The accompanying manual: Your hCG Guide to Become Finally! Fit describes the diet and includes recipes and meal plans to help you achieve success.

What sets our Homeopathic hCG Professional Formula apart from others is that we have added quality homeopathic remedies to work along with the hCG for your improved success.

The support products assist in detox and drainage, glucose management, metabolism support, appetite control and cravings, immune support and viral load suppression, and trauma and stress management.

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DO not do this diet IF...

Do not do this diet IF... you are just going to treat this as if it is any other diet fad.

Weightloss This WayThis is not another diet. The only reason this works is the hCG-period. If you try the very low calorie diet without hCG, you could have the shakes and be faint and famished within 3 days. With the hCG, your body consumes the excess fat for food and you should never get the shakes, feel faint or feel famished (unless you go into immunity or lose all your excess fat). It is normal to feel hungry as your stomach shrinks or if it's just time to eat a meal. If you have eaten all of your calories for the day and find you are still feeling hungry, then make good choices and eat more vegetables and drink more fluids. If you stop losing weight and you feel hungry, it's time for you to call your counselor and find out if it it's time to make some adjustments to your dosage.

DO not do this diet IF you are not going to read Pounds and Inches by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons at least twice

DO not do this diet IF you are not going to do it at least 26 days

DO not do this diet IF you're not committed to change

DO not do this diet IF you can't be completely dedicated

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